Mobile Game

Mobile Game

In December of 2015, Carroll Museums, Inc. released the Phoenix Shot Tower Mobile Game. This educational, multi-level game uses play to explore the science behind making drop-shot as well as the history of the Phoenix Shot Tower.

Carroll Museums partnered with SierrAspen and Hibiscus Technology Solutions to create the mobile game. Major financial support was provided by the American Express Foundation.

“The game will be a fun and dynamic way to share the amazing history of Baltimore’s Shot Tower,” said Paula Hankins, Executive Director of Carroll Museums. “We also want it to generate interest in visiting the Tower, which is a National Landmark and one of only a few remaining shot towers in the world.”

In this fourteen-level game, players ascend the 215 foot Shot Tower, which was once the tallest building in America. Collecting materials along the way to make drop shot and overcoming obstacles the player will virtually experience the Shot Tower climb. The game is designed to be suitable for all ages.

The game is currently available for download to iPhones and iPads through the iTunes Store.

Proceeds from the game support The Phoenix Challenge: Carroll Museum’s campaign to restore, renew, and reopen the Phoenix Shot Tower.